Welcome to Switzer Law Office

WELCOME TO OUR NEW OFFICE IN CARLSBAD. Please call 760-758-2960 for an appointment Monday through Friday.

Since 1977 Switzer Law Office has been a “Peoples’ Law Firm.” We assist ordinary people, not big corporations, through the stress and trauma of serious legal problems. Our goal has always been to walk in our clients’ shoes, and provide that quality of legal services that we, ourselves, would expect. No one works harder than we do. Our success in over a thousand bankruptcy filing and hundreds of court and jury trials demonstrates that we have the knowledge and experience you need to help you resolve your legal needs.

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Bankruptcy FAQs

Q. What is bankruptcy?
Bankruptcy is a right authorized under the United States Constitution ( Article I, section 8 ) and implemented by Congress to eliminate debts an honest person is unable to pay OR to lower the monthly debt repayment to an amount a person can reasonably pay over a period of time.

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Cases We Accept

ases imageAt Switzer Law Office it is our belief that you deserve nothing but best help during your time of need. We are accepting cases in the following areas:

BANKRUPTCY [including filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Petitions for clients as well as representing clients in Adversary Proceedings (motions and litigation concerning Bankruptcy Cases).