Don’t Let Debt Worries Ruin Your Life!! Find Out How Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Can Reduce Your Stress

Stop Debt Worries

Stop Debt Worries with Bankruptcy

As a bankruptcy attorney for the last 30 years my clients often tell me about laying awake at night worrying about not being able to pay their bills. I have seen grown men and women cry over the stress and frustration of not being able to pay their bills and feed their families. They feel helpless and despair of ever finding a way out of their financial nightmare. Their feelings range from depression, anxiety, and loneliness, to feeling angry and even ashamed for their inability to pay bills as they come due. All too often they tearfully tell me about venting their anger and frustration on family, friends, and co-workers, the people closest to them.

Debt Worries Can Impact Your Health

A 2002 research study conducted at Ohio State University concluded that people who are worried about debt and money problems are just not as healthy as people who have no debt worries. The toll these debt worries take on people runs the gamut from physical or mental breakdowns to weight gain (or loss), sleeplessness, heart attacks and strokes, migraines, ulcers, and even suicidal thoughts.

Debt worries are a major cause of feelings of guilt, shame, failure, and loss of self-esteem.  It should come as no surprise that debt worries are a major cause of marital problems.

Your Debt Problems Are Probably Not Your Fault

And all this is true even though 99% of the time the debt problems have not really been caused by the person.  The usual causes are job loses, reduced hours, illnesses, injuries, deaths, recessions, judgments, divorces, adjustable mortgages, retirements, or other factors completely outside the control of the individual.

Bankruptcy Can Eliminate Debt Worries

Now, for the good news! Almost always, after my first office consultation with new clients and after I have explained how Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 under the United States bankruptcy laws can solve debt worries, clients leave my office with hope, a smile, a bounce in their step, and a pathway to having their financial burden lifted.

Everybody’s situation is different. And bankruptcy is not a one size fits all solution. However, I give a free office consultation so my North San Diego clients can have an opportunity to find out if Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 can help them solve their debt worries. Call today for yours. Don’t let debt worries ruin your life! Learn if you can stop debt worries with bankruptcy.

My office is located in Vista just a short drive from Oceanside, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Escondido, Fallbrook, and Camp Pendleton.


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