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Rising Gas Prices Explode Family Budgets: Will Chapter 13 help?

Gas Prices Hit Historic Highs in California Gas prices in California have risen an average of 60 cents as gallon in the last week. 19 Costco gas stations and numerous others ran out of gas entirely. Lines at pumps were … Continue reading

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California Homeowner Bill of Rights: Helps Avoid Foreclosure!!

I have spent the last several years as a Vista California bankruptcy lawyer listening to homeowners’  horror stories and frustrations with mortgage lenders’ while attempting to get modifications and avoid foreclosure of their homes. So you can imagine my joy … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy Exemptions: Can I Protect My Property If I File For Bankruptcy?

“Can I save my car if I file for bankruptcy?” “Can I save my house?” These are two of the most common questions I get as a bankruptcy lawyer. Fortunately, the answer usually is yes. And the reason you can … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Debt Worries Ruin Your Life!! Find Out How Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Can Reduce Your Stress

As a bankruptcy attorney for the last 30 years my clients often tell me about laying awake at night worrying about not being able to pay their bills. I have seen grown men and women cry over the stress and … Continue reading

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What Is a Bankruptcy Lien Strip, and Can It Save My House?

A lien strip in Chapter 13 bankruptcy is one of the very few “silver linings” for the homeowner who has experienced the shock of seeing the equity in his or her home fall “underwater” due to the recession. It works … Continue reading

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What is Bankruptcy and How Can It Help You?

Bankruptcy is a court authorized procedure that helps honest people handle serious debt problems by either: eliminating the debts, or reorganizing the debts into manageable monthly payments. Authorized by the United States Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, bankruptcy is a … Continue reading

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